Kerri Quay, Candidate for Auburn Trustee

Karen Quay for Auburn Township Trustee 2013


I believe the Auburn community should always come FIRST when it comes to local representation. All too often decisions are justified simply because “that’s the way we’ve always done it”. It has been said that the “Status quo, you know, is Latin for the mess we’re in.”


We should not be satisfied with the Status quo in Auburn Township. We should take what is the best of the past and apply it to the future of Auburn. The two incumbent Trustees have been on the Board a total of 24 years! It’s time for a change. To move forward we need to encourage the voice of the COMMUNITY and empower the residents to actively participate in shaping and protecting the place we call home.


I am a fiscal conservative who believes in low taxes and controlling costs. I will base my decisions on COMMUNITY input through set office hours and open town hall discussions. I hope to promote greater use of township properties in order to generate additional revenue.


I believe in transparency and accountability in Government at every level. Here in Auburn I would like to use readily available internet technology to give the COMMUNITY greater access to the decision making process.


I humbly ask for your vote for Karen Quay for Auburn Township Trustee. I look forward to serving the residents of Auburn Township!




Karen “Kerri “ Quay











Community FIRST